Not quite sure what your “big picture” plans are? Take a look at our template plans and kickstart your marketing activities almost instantly.


Repurpose & Revive

Got lots of leads lying around, growing cold? In this 3month package, NMF will assess your database and help you re-ignite those relationships via cleanup, segmentation and classification. We’ll then develop a communication strategy, nurture copy and proposed assets to leverage when you execute your campaigns.


You’ve spent a lot of money developing your assets. NMF will help extend the life of those assets by identifying the pieces that would most resonate with your audience and extracting key phrases, quotes and content you can use in presentations, scripts, social media and emails. We will deliver content from up to 10 assets, 3 of which may be webinars, event presentations or videos we will also transcribe so you can use that brilliant content again and again!


Show & Tell

Events are an expensive, high-touch activity. NMF will review the last 12 months of events, and deliver an ROI report to help you see the benefit you’re getting (or not getting) from your events. We’ll then take that information and provide a “shopping” list of appropriate events for your target market, along with all relevant details relating to attending, exhibiting, presenting, and costs, enabling you to allocate budgets, people, and develop collateral effectively.

Often times pay-for-play speaking slots are part of event package creation. Submitting and being accepted to present can help build following and demonstrate thought leadership. NMF can help identify and develop a matrix of appropriate events where your executive should be speaking, create up to 5 speaker bios, develop a catalogue of submissions (up to 10) and submit and track call for speakers for 3 months to get you going.

Audit & Assess

You’ve been developing content for a while now, but are your conversion rates what you would expect? As your business has matured, do you know if your assets hit the right buyer at the right time in their journey? NMF will work to understand your assets’ current strengths and gaps in performance. We’ll identify top performers you can build on, and deliver a matrix that will map assets to your audience and show you exactly where, and for whom you are missing key promotional assets.

Develop & Promote

You’ve heard this before. It’s all about the content. It has to be engaging content that is both relevant and story-driven. With budget in mind, NMF now offers a baseline content package to support your website, events and marketing campaigns.
-1 animated text to video based on existing piece of text-based collateral (2 – 2.5 min)
-2 success stories (Approx 750 words)
-2 double-sided data sheets
-1 ebook
-3 blog posts
-1 infographic

Do you know where online your target audience spends time? What they are reading and what websites they are visiting? With a clear understanding of your buyer, we will provide you a list of channels and programs through which to promote your assets. This list will include channels to which you can submit content, filtered lead guarantee programs or other demand-generating vehicles. Just tell us how many leads you need in order to meet your revenue requirements, and we’ll build a program you can execute to achieve it!


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